Bespoke Furniture

Bringing your ideas to life

A fusion of passion and practice

When I started making furniture, it was a sideline hobby that I did on the weekends. Spurred on by youtube videos of people making things that I had seen. With it being a “weekend warrior hobby” I often did it on a shoestring budget – using materials like old steel beams that a client had lying around and reclaimed oak that I found outside an abandoned mine in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

In the beginning, I was just making furniture with what I could find or buy at a good price so often my creations were depicted by the materials themselves and not specifically what I wanted.
Because of this a lot of my furniture design and style has been moulded by the materials that I managed to acquire.

I enjoy the evolution of each piece as I make it. I love how unpredictable working with natural materials can be. Especially when you work with found objects. Because you don’t have a perfect material sometimes you’ve got to improvise and you often end up taking a u-turn and reinventing the product that you are making.

Creating once off pieces, for ourselves, friends and family is where our passion for making beautiful things with our hands was birthed. All these years on, pushing the boundaries of our materials we have managed to start becoming the beautiful focus in many peoples homes.